Lake George and Laziness

This is just a quick update to fill in the gaps between my second adventure to Bombay Hook and my trip to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I was invited to visit Lake George with my three siblings and a number of close friends. The opportunity to camp out at one of my family’s favorite locations was a welcome break from Long Island life, and there was plenty of drinking and eating to celebrate the summer. I didn’t bring a camera with me, but I was able to work in some morning walks around the campground each day. A family of ravens, a pair of loons, and a fight between a Merlin and some crows were among the natural highlights I observed. The biggest surprise came when I was walking along the edge of the woods at the far edge of camp. A muffled thumping noise reached my ears, reminiscent of a motor running somewhere in the forest. This was the drumming display of a male Ruffed Grouse, an uncommon sound at this time of year. I encounter grouse very infrequently, so I was especially happy to hear the distant performance. Beyond the birding, my time at the Lake was a much-needed chance for rest and relaxation.

After returning home on Sunday night, the remainder of the week was spent lounging around and making small-scale outings. Miriam and I searched in vain for some Brown Pelicans that had been reported at Jones Beach, and we also checked out the local birds breeding at Cow Meadow Park. We even discovered a recently fledged cohort of Common Ravens roosting on the Jericho water tower with their parents. The final days of the work week were dedicated to packing our bags for our upcoming flight. Once I’ve got all my photos in order, I’ll get to work on penning a summary of our time in the Rocky Mountains. Stay tuned!

Year List Update, July 21 – 315 Species (+ Ruffed Grouse)

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