A Lyrical Interlude

“Studying Life”

I watch the world with eager eyes
This is the way I’ve learned to be
A life of scanning seas and skies
Has taught me not to “look”, but “see”

I come with questions, seeking truth
To learn what nature has to teach
And all around me, since my youth,
I’ve found wonders within my reach

The world is busy, Life’s evolved
And, all too often, overwrought
With questions, questions unresolved
But not always the ones you sought

It’s easy to forget at times
What’s going on beyond your door
Though history so often rhymes
It’s this story that we ignore

We all have come from the same place
Each human, cell, and element
A wet, green rock spinning through space
Our time together’s time well-spent

We laugh, we cry, we try again
We wonder why, and how, and could
We do our very best, and then
Our best is finished, done for good

The world’s a stage, and in this play
The players come from every town
Our numbers grow with every day
Yet we let diff’rence drag us down

Our nature’s complicated, yes
We’ve fought, and fussed, and flailed about
Since humans first appeared, I guess
But these days seem so filled with doubt

When violent acts or tragedies
Cause chaos and make bonds dissolve
We should stand tall, as one species
With thicker skins and steel resolve

We soldier on, through thick and thin
Use what we’ve learned, survive the strife
Despite these battles, lose or win,
Not one of us knows all of Life

For all its glory, good and bad,
I want to see and do all that
My time allows me, and I’ve had
A brilliant run with this at-bat

I’m not an expert, but I teach
Biology is my degree
I hope my kids learn what I preach:
You study Life, and you’ll be free



About timhealz

A recent graduate (Cornell '14) and lifelong explorer cataloging my thoughts and travels.
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