Step One

This is a blog I should have started a long time ago: a collection of stories from my travels and thoughts about day-to-day events. I enjoy writing but have rarely taken the time to do so on my own terms. Typically there has been some sort of grade or project deadline looming whenever I put my thoughts into print. In contrast, this blog is for myself and any readers who join me along the way. Many posts will probably come from current and upcoming jobs and journeys, though I may also feature tales from the past. I expect to use this space for sharing stories from work, adventures with family and friends, comments on current events, and more. Rather than spend too much time on speculation or wishful thinking about the future of this site, I will leave this post as a short introductory formality. Welcome to Studying Life!

About timhealz

A recent graduate (Cornell '14) and lifelong explorer cataloging my thoughts and travels.
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